FOCUS – is an acronym standing for the FELLOWSHIP OF CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY STUDENTS – is a national outreach that meets college students where they are and invites them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic Faith.

Rooted in Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition, FOCUS was born out of a passion and zeal to share how a relationship with Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith can transform the world. Beginning with our nations future leaders, FOCUS sends teams of young, trained missionaries to the college campus in order to reach students with the gospel. In partnership with the Newman Center, FOCUS missionaries host large group outreach events, weekly Bible studies and offer one-on-one mentoring with student leaders.

Since the Fall of 2009, at the invitation of the Newman Catholic Center at Montclair State University and with the blessing and support of Archbishop John J. Myers, the Archbishop of Newark, FOCUS added our campus as one of the over 100 campuses around the United States they serve.

The FOCUS missionaries are typically recent college graduates who offer their lives and service to their peers.  Not only do they minister full-time to students they are sent to, they also are responsible to fund-raise their entire salaries in order to pay for all their expenses – from rent, to gas/car expenses, etc.

Our students are invited to learn more about the opportunities that our FOCUS missionaries offer on a daily basis at the Newman Catholic Center by checking our weekly bulletin, contacting the Newman Center or contacting one of the missionaries directly.

Megan Callaghan

FOCUS Team Director at MSU
Year 3 at MSU

Luciano Toscano

FOCUS Missionary
Year 1 at MSU

Catherine Cavanagh

FOCUS Missionary
Year 2 at MSU

Nicholas Antonacci

FOCUS Missionary
Year 1 at MSU